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How To Unblock People On Venmo

by Sanjay Tade
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Are You Looking to Remove Users on Venmo or How to unblock people on Venmo? In this blog article, we’ll go over how you can effectively unblock individuals on Venmo so you can resume communicating with all of Your Friends and colleagues again! Let’s Get Going!

Why would you need to unblock someone on Venmo?

On Venmo, blocking someone is a great way to prevent transactions or interactions with certain people who are unwelcome. However, there can be occasions when you wish to go back on your decision and unblock the person in question. Why would a person originally want to unlock themself on Venmo?

Unblocking someone on Venmo is often done to address an issue or alter circumstances. Perhaps there was a conflict with a family member or close friend, and you decided to temporarily block them as a means of relief – once things have calmed down and you have thought over the situation further, unblocking is often seen as a good way to repair relationships and regain the trust that was previously there.

Removing someone from Venmo could also be used as a means of reconnecting with former acquaintances, loved ones, or friends that you may have lost touch with – perhaps you’ve lost contact but now want to reconnect and build new connections; Venmo can serve as an avenue for you to do just this.

Sometimes, people choose to remove someone from Venmo to maintain social or professional interactions at an optimal level. While blocking people on Venmo may feel like cutting off communication channels altogether, sometimes keeping open lines of dialogue is essential to ongoing business operations.

Blocking someone on Venmo may have many different meanings for different people, from fixing an unfinished relationship, reconnecting with someone from your past, or just maintaining open lines of communication – unblocking an individual can help progress and restore relationships.

How to find the blocked list on Venmo

How to find the blocked list on Venmo
How to find the blocked list on Venmo

If you want to unblock someone on Venmo, the first step should be identifying all those blocked users. Thankfully, Venmo allows users to manage and access a list of blocked contacts easily; check out how to access this feature here.

1. Launch Venmo on your phone or visit its website from your PC.

2. Log into your Venmo account using an email and username; otherwise, create one before being able to view a list of blocked users.

3. Once signed in, navigate directly into the menu that you are currently on. When using an app, this is usually displayed as a menu icon in the upper-left corner, while sites usually offer menu options on the right-hand side of the page.

4. From the main menu’s top-level search option, locate and select “Settings” and “Privacy.” Please aware that the exact wording may differ depending on both your device and the model of Venmo you use.

5. You’ll find a variety of options specific to your account once you’ve reached the privacy or settings section. In both “Blocked” and “Blocked users,” look for “Blocked Users.” To view a list of users who are blocked, click or tap on either one.

6. Your blocked list contains an exhaustive listing of all contacts blocked via Venmo. Scroll through until you locate those you would like to unblock from your list and remove from it.

7. To unblock someone, simply tap or click on their name to be directed to their page, where you may choose the unblock option.

By following these steps, you’ll see all your blocked contacts on Venmo and unblock any you wish to. Keep in mind that once someone is removed from your block list, they will be able to interact with you through Venmo; make sure this option meets with your approval first before unblocking anyone. Once we’ve located our list of blocked users on Venmo, we’ll move on to learning how to block users using its application.

You have gone through how to find the blocked list on Venmo, now check out How to unblock people on Venmo using the app.

How to unblock people on Venmo using the app

Are You Looking to Unblock Someone on Venmo with its App? Luckily, Venmo makes this process straightforward! Follow these steps, and you’ll soon be unblocking people within minutes!

To get started launch the Venmo application on your device. Log in using the email address and password you provided during registration. Once you’re logged in tap on the menu icon located at the left corner of your screen to access the menu options that’re currently available, to you.

Find “Settings” and the Privacy option by tapping your main window menu, usually found under “More.” When you tap this, a screen with various account settings will open; browse until you come to “Blocked Users,” or you could also choose between options “Blocked” or “Blocked users.”

Choose the “Blocked Users” section. Click on “Blocked Users” to access a list of all the contacts you have previously blocked on Venmo. Take your time to go through this list until you find the person you want to unblock.

Once you have identified who you’d like to block, tap on their name. This will take you directly to their profile on Facebook, where you will see an option to remove them from your list; choose this and confirm. Afterward, this person will no longer interact with Venmo, and you won’t see them anymore!

It’s just that simple! Well done on blocking someone, on Venmo through the app. Just keep in mind that after blocking they can still view your transactions and send payments or requests. So before you block anyone make sure they no longer meet any criteria that would allow them to do so.

You have checked with how to unblock people on Venmo using the app, now find out how to unblock people on Venmo using the website.

How to unblock people on Venmo using the website

If you prefer using Venmos website to block users don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Although the process may be slightly different, from the app it’s still simple. Just follow these steps to unblock users, on Venmo using the website.

First open your web browser. Navigate to Venmos website. There log in to your account using your email username and password.

Once signed in, look for menu options on the upper right-hand area of the website. When clicking, a drop-down of choices should appear.

Find and select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu to be taken directly to a page with various account settings.

Exploring all available options until you locate “Blocked Users and “Blocked Contacts.” When clicking it, a list will open up displaying all contacts you’ve blocked via Venmo.

Take your time in locating the person you wish to unblock and click their name – this will bring up their profile page on social media.

Visit their page, and you’ll see an option to remove them from your list. Select it, and a confirmation email will arrive with options to approve or deny. Confirm, and they are now free from Venmo blocking!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unblocked someone from Venmo using its website. Keep in mind that once an individual is unblocked, they will once more be able to view and communicate with your transactions and you. Before unblocking anyone, make sure this decision meets with your approval.

After learning how to block people on Venmo using both its app and website, you’ll regain control of your contacts while making connections with those who were once blocked – and enjoy Venmo!

You have found answer to your question how to unblock people on Venmo using the website.

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Troubleshooting common issues when unblocking on Venmo

If you’re having difficulty with getting someone off Venmo, don’t feel alone. While the process should be relatively straightforward, sometimes issues arise that may need addressing; we will discuss them here, along with strategies for dealing with them so you can remove people easily from Venmo.

One of the most frequent issues users run into with Venmo is needing help to locate their list of blocked accounts. If this is happening to you, first make sure you’re running the latest version – older versions might have different menu choices or layouts, which makes finding these items impossible. If this still doesn’t help, try exiting and then logging back in; often, this refreshes the application or website enough that the blocked items appear again later.

Mistakingly blocking someone who isn’t the intended target can be frustrating and easily avoidable; it can occur if there are multiple people with similar names sharing similar profile photos or when paying insufficient attention when blocking someone. To avoid this mistaken blocking of an incorrect person, first double-check their profile before blocking. Make sure their username or photo matches that of whomever you intend to block; if this occurs, do not panic. Just follow these steps to delete them from your list.

As soon as you unblock someone, it can sometimes be impossible to view their transactions or interact with them via Venmo. Technical glitches in Venmo server software could cause this; to best resolve it in this instance, delay for several hours before trying again. If issues persist, contact customer service for help, as they will investigate and help resolve it quickly and efficiently.

If the steps outlined for troubleshooting have failed to remove someone’s block on Venmo, both you and the individual who blocked you have blocked each other. In such instances, contact them directly and request that they unblock you; alternatively, you can create your own Venmo account and start over from scratch.

Be mindful that if you’re having difficulties or have specific queries about blocking someone on Venmo, the best place to turn for answers or support would be the official resources or customer service directly of Venmo – they have access to up-to-date information and can offer tailored solutions tailored specifically for your situation.

With these troubleshooting strategies in mind, unblocking anyone on Venmo should not be an issue. Enjoy blocking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we’ve covered the steps to unblock users on Venmo, let’s address some frequently asked questions on this subject.

1. Can I unblock someone on Venmo without them knowing?

– When deblocking someone on Venmo, they will be informed that you have removed them from their block list, though this message shouldn’t be annoying and won’t trigger an alert on their device.

2. Will unblocking someone restore previous transactions?

– Unfortunately not. Blocking someone on Venmo allows them to view your future transactions while hiding any initiated during that period; such transactions will become invisible.

3. Can a blocked person request a refund from me after being unblocked?

– If someone you had blocked on Venmo had made money or requested payment before becoming blocked, that person may seek reimbursement after being unblocked from your block list. It’s up to you whether or not to take their request seriously.

If you have any questions or need assistance it would be advisable to consult Venmos support resources or contact their customer support team directly for help. Once you have gathered all the information try your best to remove those contacts from your list and reconnect with those whom you had previously blocked!


In our blog post we shared a guide, on How to unblock people on Venmo. We explained the reasons why it might be necessary to remove someone from your block list, such as resolving misunderstandings reconnecting with friends or keeping communication channels open. Additionally we provided instructions, on accessing the list of blocked individuals through both the Venmo app and website interfaces.

App users were provided with easy steps for opening their main menu and finding privacy/settings to identify blocked contacts before unblocking specific individuals from that list. Similar instructions were given for those using websites – to access it first by selecting privacy/settings, then finding a blocked list, and then unblocking certain individuals from it.

In our discussion we addressed challenges that can arise when trying to unblock someone, on Venmo. These challenges include issues, with accessing the list of blocked users and mistakenly blocking the person. To assist you in overcoming these obstacles and ensuring an unblocking process we offered tips and advice.

At Venmo we have compiled a list of asked questions, about unblocking people on our platform. These include whether the person you unblock will be notified, if previous transactions will be reinstated and if someone who has been blocked can request a refund, for being unblocked.

With this information at hand, it is now possible to unblock individuals on Venmo and regain control of your contacts. Make sure that before unblocking someone, you consider its repercussions, as this process allows them to view your transactions again as well as interact with you again.

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